Penniman Elementary

Important Dates:

Sept. 28 - Family Math

               Night 5:30-6:45

Oct. 3 - End of 1st Qtr

Oct. 25-26 - Conferences



Meet the Crew!

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October 16, 2017 - exclusion date for students who are out of compliance for medical records. For more information click here.

Young Scientists at Penniman

Ms. Chalberg and Mrs. Jones recently studied owl pellets with the young scientists in their classroom. With their safety goggles, gloves, and tools, these scientists made discoveries about the eating habits of owls. They discovered that owls swallow their small prey whole, and then regurgitate the parts they can't digest. That might sound a little gross, but it offers great insight into the food chain. Look below for a slideshow of the young scientists taking apart the owl pellets and attempting to assemble the bones they found so they could identify what the owl had eaten. How cool!!


Examining Owl Pellets

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Scenes at Penniman School

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Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou